Turning smart thinking and strategic insights into Big Ideas.

Turning smart thinking and strategic insights into Big Ideas.


Ken Smith, Director


Big Idea Clearinghouse is about building successful relationships between companies and their consumers. I have over 25 years-experience working with brands like Microsoft, Nike, Miller Brewing Company, Kraft Foods, General Mills, and Travel Oregon, as well as developing messaging for non-profits.    

My skill is in listening and collaborating to get to big ideas that drive bottom line success.  

Case Study: LAIKA/Coraline

Movie marketing is a hackneyed art, so we decided to do things a little different when LAIKA asked to help launch their first movie Coraline. The results was the largest grossing stop-motion film of all time.

Case Study: Travel Oregon

The Seven Wonders of Oregon was one of the most successful marketing campaigns I worked on during my 15 years helping Oregon Tourism. In this social media extension we wanted to make the rewards for getting out and seeing the seven wonders tangible, so we gave away seven custom bikes, you just had to find them.

Case Study: Travel Portland

Everyone knows Portland is a weird and wonderful place, but will that actually get you to come visit? It will if you build a giant cuckoo clock, stuff it full of Portland's most interesting people and ship it up to Seattle and Vancouver BC.

Video: The Girl Effect

Like many non-profits, the Nike Foundation had a hard time explaining exactly what they did in a way that wouldn't make your eyes glaze over. So, we made this video that brought their powerful story to life: When you help a girl change her life, it changes the world. That's the girl effect.

Case Study: KFC

KFC had a great run while Colonel Sanders was alive, but things went down hill when he wasn't around to mind the store. So, it occurred to us that the only way to bring KFC back was to bring the Colonel back.

Case Study: Oreo

Some people love the cookie part of the Oreo and some people love the creme. In this social media campaign we asked people to show their love by sending us pictures that we could turn into cookie or creme sculptures. Oh, and we created the fastest growing account on Instagram.

21 years at Wieden+Kennedy

This interview was shot and edited by my good friend, producer and director extraordinaire Jeff Selis, at the end of my 21 year  stint at W+K. It's as close as I'll ever get to doing a TedTalk. 


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